Todo niño necesita un campeón

19 nov 2018

Preciosa charla TED de Rita F. Pierson, porque como bien dice, todo niño/a necesita un referente al que admirar ;)

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Children are given the time and resources necessary by a champion to solve their own problems, with a kind adult around to offer support as required. The champion has the mentality of "You can do it! "A champion admires the youngster and thinks that they have hung the moon.

Rita Pierson has been a professional educator since 1972, yet her influence on education has extended far beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

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Children are given the time and resources necessary by a champion to solve their own problems, with a kind adult around to offer support as required. Learn more info here.

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A well-known public speaker and anti-poverty activist, Dr. Pierson recognized the importance of teachers forging closer bonds with their students.

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Children are given the time and resources necessary by a champion to solve their own problems, with a kind adult around to offer support as required.

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Always be the one to inspire young children. God bless!

Dr. Pierson was a well-known public speaker and an anti-poverty activist who dedicated her life to creating positive change in the world. Throughout her career, she recognized teachers' critical role in shaping their students' futures. She firmly believed that teachers should educate their students and build meaningful relationships with them, as these connections are crucial to fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

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I strongly agree with the author's message. It is important for children to have someone who believes in them and encourages them to reach their full potential. A champion can be a parent, teacher, mentor, or any other positive influence in a child's life who provides support, guidance, and motivation.
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As a parent, I can relate to the author's words about the importance of being a champion for our children. It reminded me of the time when my own child struggled with self-doubt, but through my unwavering support and encouragement, they blossomed into a confident and resilient individual. This post serves as a powerful reminder that every child deserves a champion in their corner, cheering them on every step of the way.

This article, with its engaging and informative writing, cast an enchanting spell upon me, an effect that lingered far beyond its conclusion.

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I couldn't agree more! Every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves someone who believes in them and supports their growth and development. Thanks for this useful blog...abogados de divorcio sin oposición en virginia beach

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Qué inspiradora charla de Rita F. Pierson. Es un recordatorio conmovedor de la importancia de ser un apoyo y un referente positivo en la vida de los niños.
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"¡Todo niño necesita un campeón!" Esta frase encapsula la esencia de la importancia de brindar apoyo y guía a nuestros niños. Ser un campeón significa más que solo estar presente; implica ser un defensor, un modelo a seguir y un aliado en su crecimiento y desarrollo.New Jersey Traffic Court Lawyer Al ser conscientes de nuestras palabras y acciones, podemos construir un entorno en el que cada niño se sienta amado, valorado y capaz. ¡Aquí está a todos los campeones que inspiran, nutren y ayudan a cada niño a alcanzar su máximo potencial!"

Rita Peirson gives hope to every parent to raise their children like a champion. was inspired by her wise and kind words.

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Wow no one could have said it better. Every kid needs a champion and a role model they can look up and get inspired by. It's the fact

I totally agree. Kids needs champions, role models they can look up to etc.