Preguntas creativas al salir del cole

26 sept 2016

Yo soy una madre preguntona, jejeje, porque me gusta analizar las respuestas que mis hijas me van dando sobre sus actividades y su vida en general. Por eso, me ha gustado especialmente el artículo que hoy os comparto, pues da pautas concretas sobre qué preguntar. Seguro que con la práctica se os ocurren muchísimas más :)

- ¿Cuál es la cosa más divertida que te ha pasado hoy?

- ¿Hay alguien que ha hecho algo bueno para ti o te haya ayudado?

- ¿Has ayudado a alguien?

- ¿Quién te ha hecho reír hoy?

- ¿Alguien te ha hecho enfadar hoy?

- Dime una palabra nueva que has oído/aprendido hoy

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Recuerda que cada niño es único y puede responder de manera diferente. Estas preguntas pueden ayudarte a iniciar conversaciones significativas y fortalecer el vínculo con tus hijas. ¡Disfruta de tus charlas y sigue siendo esa madre curiosa y analítica!

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I think the questions about the funniest thing that happened today and who made you laugh today are especially good because they can help you to connect with your kids on a more personal level. They can also help you to learn more about what makes them laugh and what they enjoy.

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¿Qué animal mágico te gustaría ver en el bosque y qué escapades tendrían si lo encontrarían?
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Creativity-boosting questions at the desk are an excellent tool for children to stimulate their imagination and critical thinking. These varied and challenging questions help children develop problem-solving skills and express their ideas creatively. Each question invites children to reflect and think originally, fostering their creativity and communication skills. Creativity-boosting questions at the desk are a fun and educational way to stimulate creativity in children. They are interesting and provocative, allowing them to explore different perspectives and develop their critical thinking skills. This resource is a joy, as the questions are inventive and challenging, helping children expand their thinking and problem-solving skills. It is an excellent way to foster creativity after school. Creativity-boosting questions at the desk are a fantastic way to stimulate children's imagination and creativity, allowing them to explore new ideas and develop their critical thinking skills.

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The text asks the reader to describe their day in school, what was the most exciting part, what inspired them, what they would change, what inspired them, what they would teach, what activities or projects they would include to foster creativity, and what they would like to do after school to continue exploring their creative side and what activities or pastimes they would like to try or develop more.

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The "Preguntas creativas al salir del cole" is a creative questioning tool that encourages conversation and creativity. It covers diverse topics, making it an enjoyable after-school experience. The questions also encourage meaningful conversations within families, fostering connection and understanding. Readers may suggest new questions or share their own variations, promoting a collaborative community. The creative questions also enhance parent-child bonding, making the post-school routine more enjoyable for families. Some commenters express gratitude for the resource, noting its value in enhancing communication and connection within households. The tool can be further engaged with through interactive platforms, where readers can discuss how they have incorporated the questions into their daily routines.

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